Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Grocery Shopping :: Food Preparation

So, we don't live in a town that offers any specialty markets or whole food / organic stores to shop from...if we do, I haven't found them yet...and I've looked.
BUT, that being said, our Meijer and local grocer both stock a decent supply of healthy ingredients, and I generally find everything I really need.
We often choose Meijer.
And...this is one thing my helpers always look forward to when we make that weekly shopping excursion!

 The just love looking at the fishes!  So, we make sure we have enough time to spend a few minutes checking out all the colorful swimmers.
We stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies this week...our grocery list usually looks about the same each week, actually!  We buy most everything fresh, and the dry goods we purchase we typically buy in bulk (steel cut oats, rolled oats, quinoa, rice, cous cous)
Then either the afternoon of our shopping day, or the following day, I spend about an hour in the kitchen cleaning and cutting up all the fruits and veggies.  This saves me SO MUCH time throughout the week!
I hard boil at least one dozen eggs (we eat a lot of these), cook a few large sweet potatoes, grill some chicken, cut up lots of celery, peppers and clean our fruit.
This is a really important step for me...If I don't have easy to grab options that are healthy, I'll most always grab something not so good because I don't feel like, or don't have time to clean it at that time.
I know this isn't a new concept by any means!  But, something we do, and it really helps us when preparing our meals throughout the week!

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