Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday '

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Super Bowl

We had a pretty awesome day today.
Kids played outside with D this morning and shoveled the driveway, hauled wood, burned some energy. I went to church.  Then together we visited some friends for lunch. return, they took an amazing nap!

So...We eat pretty healthy around here....I'd say 85% of the time.  We are not perfect by ANY means!  But, we make pretty good decisions.  Hasn't always been this way though...I use to bake ALL the time.  Homemade breads, cookies, anything delicious and yummy with lots of sugar and white flour and butter.
But I haven't made anything like that in a LONG time.
This fact was proven tonight.
D asked for some cookies. problem...I haven't made him cookies in a long time, and I was craving something sweet too, it sounded like a good idea.
What I had....whole wheat flour (not white), hard as rock brown sugar (and not enough!).  I had to laugh.
Seriously, I use to buy white flour and sugar at Sam's club, guys.  In the BIG bags.  And it NEVER went bad!  But here was a 1 pound bag of brown sugar, more than half empty, and it was as hard as a rock.  And not a tablespoon of white flour in the house.

I know I don't need either of those things to make cookies.  But the recipe we wanted to use called for both.
Anyway...I guess what I'm getting at's almost embarrassing that I don't have the ingredients to make D's favorite cookies in my kitchen pantry...but it's SO EXCITING to me that I don't, and haven't for SO LONG!  Major progress people....major progress!

So...we made the cookies anyway...with what we had...yes, even with the hard rock brown sugar (I dumped it in the food processor!) and they actually turned out pretty good. lol.
He'll be taking the rest of them to work tomorrow so this girl isn't tempted to pick at them all day!

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