Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The 21 Day FIX :: Day 3

I'm finding the meal plan for the 21 Day FIX to be really easy to follow!  I love the color-coded containers, and I color coded my menu, so I know exactly what to grab for each meal!  Super easy!  LOVE it!

This was my breakfast this morning (minus one piece of toast, one was Dustin's) and I was FULL!  Two hours later, I had my Shakeology (post workout...also awesome, Autumn really kicked my booty), and I'm getting lunch ready here shortly!  Turkey Burger, Celery & Apple with homemade peanut butter!
Here is a sample of my menu I'm following:

If you look real close you'll notice that I'm not following my menu exactly...but I'm using it for a guide! And, it's working really well!
Beachbody also has provided us with a Tally Sheet to track our containers, so it makes it THAT much more simple to follow!  All the work is done for us...if it fits in the container you can eat it!  LOVE SIMPLE!

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