Sunday, March 2, 2014

RECIPE :: Iced Mocha Shakology

I've found my new favorite way to prepare my mid-morning snack!
Iced Mocha Shakology, where have you been for the past 6 months!  So excited to have been introduced to this awesome treat!!  Don't have Chocolate Shakology? You can get it here :: CHOCOLATE SHAKEO

I have some exciting news to share too!
Thursday's are a pretty fabulous day these's payday, and rank advancement day for coaches, which is always really exciting...
This past Thursday I was officially advanced to a  Team Beachbody Diamond Coach 
What does that mean?
Well, to me...that means that I'm making a difference. Not only in my life, but in YOUR lives. Each person I help, makes me that much stronger too  I do get a paycheck from this "job" but that is far from what I feel rewarded by. I love knowing that I'm making a difference in someones life...I'm pushing someone that extra bit to help them reach a goal, or encouraging them through a rough patch...and you know what I GAIN from this? Friendships  Joy  Happiness  and i have yet to actually feel like this #blessing is a "job"  #ilovemyjob #coacheschangelives#leadtogetherdreamtogether #puresynergy

In other's a lazy Sunday here at our home.  Nanny and Bumpa just left after visiting for the weekend, they are headed back north...Davis is feeling less than stellar with a 101.9 fever and just wanting some cuddles on the couch (no problem!), and Lydia is busy in the "kitchen" making all of us alphabet soup and watermelon sandwiches!

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