Monday, April 21, 2014

Ultimate Reset :: Day 5

I honestly feel like these updates are probably VERY boring for you!
My apologies!
My days have been going really well, I'm not craving anything, and not experiences any crazy symptoms like some do.  I had chills on days one and three but since then I've felt normal :)  Yesterday I had some smoked chicken and didn't realize until afterwards that it had rub on it that most likely contained sugar and other non healthy ingredients. AND...I had a small bowl of yogurt with fruit after super, and that is not in the plan.  I really don't think I screwed things up too bad doing both of those things...BUT, it did make this journey less than perfect...I'm okay with it!

I am really hoping to have some awesome results with this reset, and I want to follow it as closely as possible to achieve those results.

So, here is my Day 5 recap!
Here's to day 6!

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