Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shout Out || The Hubby

Quick shout out to my hubby....

Among the many things I love about him, one thing I am blessed with is his support.  I've tried a dozen dfferent business opportunites in the past....from being an online scrapbook company consultant, and starting a business designing scrapbooks for others, and a simple handmade card business, to designing upcycled skirts with Deb and Pretty Stinkin' Green,, and then branching off on my own as another business owner, ATTIC 32, (you'd think I liked crafty stuff or something, lol) and I'm pretty sure there are others I've forgotten about over the past 9 years we've been together....but, you know what?

He's never complained, and he's never said "that's silly, it won't work, you're wasting your time" NEVER.

And, now that I've pushed every one of those things out of my vision for our future, and I've honed in on my own health and fitness, and spending more time with the kiddos, he is once again 100% supportive. One thing that we both like about my business now is that it involves the whole family.  I'm not stuck down in the basement for hours in front of a cutting table and sewing machine....or buried in paper and stickers and photos stressing about the design of a scrapbook page...NOW....I am just living my every day life.  That's what I LOVE about this new passion in my life.  I don't have to invest in anything other than my own health.  Sure, I bought a couple programs to workout to (I was going to do that anyway, and the whole family uses them, even the kids sometimes!) and yes, I have Shakeology® delivered to my door each month (but we ALL use that as well, Dustin has even lost 30 pounds over the past 6 months with that being the ONLY change in his daily routine.  The kids drink it everyday and honestly i think that plays a big part in their over all health, they are never sick!) but other than that, the only investment is my time, and I look forward to checking in with people everyday. I've met some amazing new friends, and I'm meeting new people each day, and have the opportunity to share with them my story.

I am so blessed.

I just got home from a huge Beachbody event in Las Vegas, and while I was there I started really thinking about "us" (my family) and where I see us in 5 years and what I want our life to be like.  I was honestly expecting to come home on fire with ideas for my business and just go crazy and grow....but, instead I feel like my heart is telling me to slow down.  Even though I am fortunate to spend every day with my kids, my focus has been shifted over the last few months, and they aren't getting my attention like they should be.  They deserve more.  My goals were changing and I was starting to want more...more "stars" after my name (rank advancement), more money, more "friends" on facebook, more "likes" on posts, more comments, more recognition, more people on my team.  I was letting Beachbody, and all the comes with it consume me...INSTEAD of putting my heart and soul where it is needed the most.


My relationship with God, Dustin, Davis & Lydia.  My relationships with my friends and team and those in my accountability groups.
Beachbody is still a very big part of my life, and I am still VERY excited to share with others, and give them the best possible experience with the products with my support and accountability groups.  But, you can expect to hear a lot more about these relationships in my life than anything else <3 Because, that my friends is what is most important.

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