Tuesday, June 24, 2014

They GROW so FAST!

I can't believe that this picture was already over three years ago!  Look at them, the were SO tiny at only a week old.  This was a rough time in my life...I honestly don't remember a lot of these early days.  Between lack of sleep, and battling with PPD...most of these memories escape me. 
So, the few pictures I have are a blessing.
I remember praying over and over again that they would grow up (I know, not what most mothers pray for, we usually want them to stay little forever, right?) Not me...I wanted them to grow up, quickly.  I had a hard time dealing with the never ending crying (both had acid reflux) and constant "busy work".
I feel guilty about feeling that way now....I know I don't need to, but I look back and sometimes wish I could do it over again.  I'd love to be their mom all over again, but in the state of mine I'm in right now!  If only it were that easy.
Davis and Lydia mean the world to me.  I love their individual personalities, sense of humor, silliness, and loving hearts.  Today I sit back and watch them play in the water puddles on top of their sandbox cover, splashing, giggling and playing together perfectly and I am feeling SO blessed that I AM thier MOM <3  Best responsibility EVER.

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