Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming August 18.2014 :: Be You Be His

Our first faith based, health & fitness support group will be starting on August 18th! This will be a test group (I'm looking for some brave guinea pigs  ... 10 to be exact!) so I can see how well it is received!  
Are you interested in learning more about craving God, not food...and would like to join me in a 6 week journey, where we will be digging into the Bible, NOT our snack cupboards, and finding lasting spiritual satisfaction?  This might be for you!

Comment below if you'd like more information about this opportunity.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Give it all to God

So, I'll start by saying that I recently did the Ultimate Reset (Beachbody cleanse).  It was a great 21 days, I felt awesome when I was done, and I lost quite a bit of weight...then I did a back slide.  I started stuffing my face with crap again, I quit exercising, and just starting feeling sorry for myself.  That lasted about 4 weeks.  Yeah, long time to feel like crap, and  I honestly don't know what all got into me...I was in a total funk.  I don't like FUNKS.  They are no good.   They are depressing, and I speak from experience here....being depressed is NOT FUN.  You start to question all kinds of things.

Anyway.  Thankfully, I have a huge support network, friends that I've met along my health/fitness journey, most of them fellow coaches that I work with everyday.  They were my motivation to get back on track, and they continued to be my cheerleaders even when I was ready to give up (on a lot of different things).  I feel blessed EVERY single day that I've met them, and am inspired by them daily.  They keep me going.  Having a support network is HUGE.  Doing things's hard to stick with it and be successful.

So, I'm finally getting things back on track and feeling good about life again.  I have a plan and goals for my business (FINALLY <3 ) and I'm back on track with my fitness and health goals (Big deal as I have gained back quite a bit of the weight that I'd lost :-/)  It's honestly embarrassing to admit.  I try really hard to be so positive and encouraging, but truth is...I MESS UP.  OFTEN. I'm human...I get caught up in the day to day and stop taking care of myself, and I get in funks and feel sorry for myself.  It happens to all of us.  I had to step back and rethink what I was doing, and why I was making the decisions that I was. Why do I constantly put myself through this struggle, why do I have all these ups and downs, why am I not as successful as others, why is this so hard? WHY do I WANT this? and...what is "this".

Sometimes you have to dig DEEP to figure out the answer to this "why".

Well, that's what I've been struggling with.

My "why"?  I need this for ME.  I need/want to be the happiest, healthiest ME I can be.

I want to be a rockstar mom...that mom who does all sorts of fun stuff with her kids, the mom that never sits on the sidelines and "watches" but is ALWAYS running around and DOING the fun stuff.
I want to be an amazing wife, a wife that is confident and feels great about herself...knowing her man loves her no matter what, but also knowing that she is doing everything she can to be her best self for her guy and actually putting the effort into the relationship to continue to make it stronger each day.
I want to be that "special friend" to my people.  I want my friends to know how much I care about them, and for them to relate to me, and feel 100% comfortable opening up and sharing life with me, and I want to do the same with them.  I want those friendships that I have and treasure to GROW.

I can only do these things if I believe in myself.  It's time to stop worrying about what other people think, and to stop comparing myself to other people.  It's time to be me, and to be the very best me that i can be.
I'm taking action, putting God in control, and moving forward.  I will follow Him, and He will guide me the entire way.

Will you join me?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

RECIPE :: Chocolate Egg White Oatmeal

SO VERY excited about my recent discovery!!!
Seriously, why have I not heard of this before??? Am I living under a rock?  There are all kinds of variations of Egg White Oatmeal out there, did you know that??!?!? I did NOT. BUT...I do now, and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be testing them ALL out, because this one....was DELICIOUS!!!!

My meal plan right now allows me to have a bowl of oatmeal and 4 egg whites for breakfast each morning.  I love eggs, but 4 egg whites every morning....boring!!! boiled, "fried", just gets old, fast.  This is a crazy awesome way to get in that extra protein without actually feeling like you're "eating" egg whites! TRUST ME on this NEED to try's SO good!
You can thank me later!

Step 1:  Add 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 cup regular- Not Quick Cooking- oats to a bowl or mug (however much you want to eat!)
Step 2: Add enough water to cover the oats plus another centimeter of water on top of them
Step 3: Microwave 1 minute (this may vary depending on your microwave but basically you just want to soften the oats a bit and get rid of some water but still have a goopy bowl of oats)
Step 4: Add 1 packet of Stevia and whatever other flavorings you like- I added 1 heaping tbs cocoa powder, a sprinkle of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, and a little maple syrup- ANYTHING GOES!  Stir it up in the oats- it should be a gooey, liquidy, consistency
Step 5: Add 1/2-3/4 cup liquid egg whites
Step 6: Stir to incorporate the gooey oats with the liquid egg whites- the mixture should be super thin and watery.
Step 7: Microwave 2 minutes or until the mixture is less gooey.  If you microwave longer, it turns into a cake-like consistency and you can dump it onto a plate and eat it like a cake! 
Step 7: Once out of the microwave- stir it a lot.  The egg whites will have solidified most of the way but once you stir it up, they break down into the same consistency as the oatmeal and I SWEAR you can’t tell it’s not just an entire bowl of oatmeal- I PROMISE!!!
Step 8:  Add anything else you want!  PB, Fruit, Almond butter, Almond milk, more fruit, chocolate chips , chia seeds, basically anything goes.

Try it and let me know how it goes!
Some tips***
  • Make sure to microwave the oats first before you add the egg whites- if you don’t, you just get a solid block of egg whites with crunchy oats scattered throughout and it’s gross
  • It’s easier to mix in stevia, cocoa powder, and whatever other flavoring BEFORE you add in the liquid egg whites.  If you do the cocoa powder- the oats will look and taste like brownie batter before you add in the egg whites.
  • You can add as much or as little egg whites as you like- it doesn’t alter the flavor AT ALL. 
  • Liquid egg whites have been pasteurized so you don’t have to worry about cooking them fully.  You could just drink them if you wanted to but thats gross.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This has been weighing on me for some time. I am spending way too much time not being fully present with the beautiful world that is unfolding right in front of me. By being plugged in, I'm missing out on what really matters. Hence why I haven't been around much the last few weeks (I know some of you have asked  )Most of us are guilty. Look around next time you're waiting in line at a coffee shop or at your child's sporting event. The majority of those around have their head buried in their phone. Not only are we missing out on a valuable opportunity to get to know the people around us, we're missing out on being present with our own thoughts and our own families. We're missing out on all the stuff that's most important.

I challenge you to unplug a little, starting today. Pick your own length of time. Perhaps this will merely be a starting point and gradually we can shave more and more time off being on our phones and being with our loved ones. Spread the word! Urge others to unplug and let's see the change in ourselves and our families.

More on these thoughts coming soon...

Real Life || Transformation Spotlight : Amanda


What is your name?  Amanda

How many inches/pounds have you lost? And in what length of time? 4lbs and just shy of 8 inches in 4 weeks

What program(s) helped you lose the weight? 21 Day Fix & Shakeology

How did your eating habits change? Cleaning eating and replacing a meal with shakeology!

Did you have support from family & friends? I had support from my new friends I just made through this challenge group, outside not really!

What was one major weakness that you overcame? Getting out of bed to exercise...made it part of my routine and now it's easier!

What was the main thing that kept you motivated & kept you going? I want to be happy and comfortable in my body! Have a trip planned in October and I want to be able to wear anything and not look pregnant!

What changes do you love most about your new body/life? I love how good I feel! I have more energy and am starting to see big changes!

What was your reward for your weight loss? New clothes of course!! I love love to shop :)

Did you find the challenge group helpful? Yes very!!! I loved that we all had similar goals and were there to help and encourage others! I also liked that it was people outside of what I already know! Sometimes our closet family and friends aren't very supportive of what your doing.

What is next for you? Next onto piyo :) I'm not stopping here!!

~Amanda, I am SO proud of you and am inspired by your dedication and commitment over the past four weeks! You look amazing!!! Keep it up, girl!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life Changes

I wasn't disappointed even a little bit in the events that Beachbody hosted for us at Coach Summit last month.  The parties were a blast, and they really made us feel special!  I've never really been the "dress up" type...but for the 4 days I was in Vegas, I was in a dress each night, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  These pictures were from the Sequins and Studs party on Friday night.  We earned a ticket to this party with achievements in our business, and it was an honor to be there with these ladies!

I just feel so blessed to have been around so many awesome people, and so much inspiration the entire week!  I came home with my head spinning and ideas bursting from my much so I just felt stuck when I got home.  I didn't know where to start!  I've been praying a lot about the direction I want to go with my business, and my life.  A lot of things will be changing.
My focus has been wrong, I started to feel like, even though I love helping people, I was starting to want more for "me". And, that's not at all the direction I want to go.  I loving being a coach, and I love everything I do...but, I'm not doing it for ME, I'm doing it to help YOU.  That's what is important to me...helping others change their lives, like I've done with mine.  Facebook started to consume a lot of my time, and my kids started getting pushed to the side (I hate admitting that, but it true).  So, I've honestly slowed WAY down since Summit.  I was expecting the total opposite, so that's partly why I think I feel stuck.

There were COUNTLESS moments while I was there that I felt like I could just burst in to tears...It was just SO emotional!  It's really hard to explain!  Being surrounded by so many like-minded people, and hearing their stories, and seeing where they came from and where they are's SO amazing!  Both with their health and fitness transformations and their business growth.  I LOVE hearing those kinds of stories, and we were flooded with them while at Summit!

So, business is changing, and hopefully growing in the direction that I feel God is leading me right now.  It's been on my heart for a long time to start some faith-based accountability groups, and that is where my focus will be.  My goals are changing (big time!) and that is on the top of my list right now...figuring out what those goals are, and my plan for achieving them.  I really believe, that even if this takes me back a few steps in my business, that this is what I need to do.  Could you please pray for me, for focus.  Focus on Him, His guidance, and putting God first in all of my decisions.  This is hard for me, and something I've struggled with for  long time.  I guess I feel like I can't possibly be the ONLY one out here that struggles with her health and fitness, AND her commitment and relationship with God.  It's so easy to get caught up in worldly things... SO EASY.  For me, it's time to STOP, refocus, and re-commit....and I'd LOVE To have you guys join me in this new journey!

I am not ready to start my new series of groups just yet...but it won't be long! If you are interested in being on my wait list, please comment here, or email me.  I'd love to talk to you more about it.

In the meantime, could you please continue to pray for me.
Thank you!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

RECIPE :: Clean Eating Caramel Corn

Happy 4th of July!
We spent the majority of our day at home, doing our chores.  We split and stacked quite a bit of wood, and worked on getting more of our bathroom remodel finished, laundry, blah blah blah....normal daily stuff.
The kids took a crazy awesome nap! 3 hours!  That's unheard of these days...and it was perfect! They slept until about 6:30, we had supper and THEN....we went to the fairgrounds for festivities and fireworks!
The kiddos got to ride a pony, which is probably what they are most excited about!
After we got to the fairgrounds they announced that the fireworks were not going to start until 11pm, versus the 10pm time they had announced on their website.  Seriously?  Not keeping these kids up until midnight!  
So, we packed up after our pony ride and headed back to Farot Park in Lima, where they were also doing fireworks.  We got a perfect spot on  hill just outside of town, set up our chairs and blankets and snacked on our homemade Caramel Corn! (recipe below!)
We've had a great weekend, and still have a couple trips planned to the park to play and ride our bikes.  It's fun to have weekends with "no plans" and "nothing to do" so you can just fly by the seat of your pants!  We've managed to get a lot of great family time in, and that is most important!
Clean Eating Caramel Corn


1/4 cup almond butter or peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
8-10 cups popped popcorn
Directions:  In a small pot, warm the honey on high heat. Bring it to a boil.Let it boil up in the pot about 1 inch and then quickly remove from heat.Stir in nut butter with a whisk and whisk until smooth. Should be “pourable”.Pour over the popcorn and mix with a spoon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Clean Eating || Healthy Substitutions List

Whether you’re on a clean eating plan, trying to lose weight or simply want to make healthy substitutions, here is a list of  alternatives you might like to try:

Clean Eating + Healthy Substitutions

White Sugar – Honey, maple syrup, Stevia, date sugar, maple sugar flakes, applesauce, vanilla
Brown Sugar - Honey, maple syrup, Stevia, date sugar, maple sugar flakes, applesauce, vanilla
White Flour – Wheat flour, oat flour, chickpea flour, rice flour, quinoa flour
Sour Cream – Nonfat plain Greek yogurt
Butter - Olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, walnut oil, mashed avocado 
Oil (for baking) - Applesauce, Greek yogurt
White rice – Brown rice, quinoa
Egg (for baking) – 1 Tbsp. chia seeds + 3 Tbsp. water
White Potatoes – Sweet potatoes
Mashed Potatoes - Mashed cauliflower 
Table Salt – Sea salt
Ground Beef – Ground turkey
Heavy Cream - Nonfat plain Greek yogurt or evaporated milk
Chocolate Chips – Carob chips
Pasta – Zucchini ribbons
Thickeners/Starches – Arrowroot
Salad Dressings – Olive oil and vinegar
Breadcrumbs – Rolled oats

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PiYo || New Workout Review

PiYo Review ::

Day 1 : For me this was a very important day.  I've heard a lot of mixed reviews throughout facebook from other Beachbody coaches and customers.  But, the title of the workout pretty much says it's all about The Fundamentals.  So, like I said, for me it was really important...I'm not a Yogi, and I don't have a ton of experience with Pilates, just what I learned in the 21 Day Fix, and I only did one round of that.  So, for me, learning WHAT i was suppose to do and HOW to do it correctly was a big deal.  I LOVED day 1.  It was about 40 minutes.  No sweat, just "learning". and, i did this workout last night.
Day 2: (this morning)  FULL OUT SWEAT for me.  Now, granted I had just finished a 30 minute Kettle Bell workout that left me drenched, and I immediately followed that with PiYo Day 2 || Define : Lower Body (25 minutes).  LOVED it.  I have a love hate relationship with new workouts though, as I'm sure a lot of people do!  I love learning new things, and having a change up in my workout, but I feel SO AWKWARD and CLUMSY during it for the first week or so (at least, lol) PiYo was no different, if you could have seen me doing this, you would laugh, I was having a hard time with my balance, but that is one reason WHY i'm doing this!
Looking forward though to the rest of the workouts too!  Define:Upper Body, Sweat, Core, Buns, Strength Intervals, Drench and Sculpt!

To preface all of this.....

I have been TOTALLY slacking in my all honestly, even though it's embarrassing for me to admit it, I haven't done a workout for about 2 weeks straight (and my body has suffered because of that).  As a really good friend of mine constantly reminds me, the struggle is real.  Even if you LOVE the way you feel after a workout, it can still be a struggle to keep up, and keep it your routine.  At least for me it is.  I struggle daily with both my workouts and my diet.  I hit snooze twice this morning before I picked my head up off my pillow.  And, it's going to take me a few days before I WANT to get up and workout regularly again.  But, I WILL do it!

So, back to PiYo!
Loved it! and I would SO LOVE to have you join me for the next couple months in doing this workout!
I'm actually starting an accountability group specifically for my friends that want to do it with me, and that includes ANYONE reading this (*unless of course you're already working with your own coach!). can get it FREE this week!  Woot woot! :)
I'm super excited to share this opportunity with you!  So, message me, leave a comment, email me @ , whatever is easiest for you, and I'll share the details on how you can register and get PiYo FREE! (easy peasy, I promise!) and I hope you'll join me!   We are going to start on July 14th!