Friday, July 25, 2014

Give it all to God

So, I'll start by saying that I recently did the Ultimate Reset (Beachbody cleanse).  It was a great 21 days, I felt awesome when I was done, and I lost quite a bit of weight...then I did a back slide.  I started stuffing my face with crap again, I quit exercising, and just starting feeling sorry for myself.  That lasted about 4 weeks.  Yeah, long time to feel like crap, and  I honestly don't know what all got into me...I was in a total funk.  I don't like FUNKS.  They are no good.   They are depressing, and I speak from experience here....being depressed is NOT FUN.  You start to question all kinds of things.

Anyway.  Thankfully, I have a huge support network, friends that I've met along my health/fitness journey, most of them fellow coaches that I work with everyday.  They were my motivation to get back on track, and they continued to be my cheerleaders even when I was ready to give up (on a lot of different things).  I feel blessed EVERY single day that I've met them, and am inspired by them daily.  They keep me going.  Having a support network is HUGE.  Doing things's hard to stick with it and be successful.

So, I'm finally getting things back on track and feeling good about life again.  I have a plan and goals for my business (FINALLY <3 ) and I'm back on track with my fitness and health goals (Big deal as I have gained back quite a bit of the weight that I'd lost :-/)  It's honestly embarrassing to admit.  I try really hard to be so positive and encouraging, but truth is...I MESS UP.  OFTEN. I'm human...I get caught up in the day to day and stop taking care of myself, and I get in funks and feel sorry for myself.  It happens to all of us.  I had to step back and rethink what I was doing, and why I was making the decisions that I was. Why do I constantly put myself through this struggle, why do I have all these ups and downs, why am I not as successful as others, why is this so hard? WHY do I WANT this? and...what is "this".

Sometimes you have to dig DEEP to figure out the answer to this "why".

Well, that's what I've been struggling with.

My "why"?  I need this for ME.  I need/want to be the happiest, healthiest ME I can be.

I want to be a rockstar mom...that mom who does all sorts of fun stuff with her kids, the mom that never sits on the sidelines and "watches" but is ALWAYS running around and DOING the fun stuff.
I want to be an amazing wife, a wife that is confident and feels great about herself...knowing her man loves her no matter what, but also knowing that she is doing everything she can to be her best self for her guy and actually putting the effort into the relationship to continue to make it stronger each day.
I want to be that "special friend" to my people.  I want my friends to know how much I care about them, and for them to relate to me, and feel 100% comfortable opening up and sharing life with me, and I want to do the same with them.  I want those friendships that I have and treasure to GROW.

I can only do these things if I believe in myself.  It's time to stop worrying about what other people think, and to stop comparing myself to other people.  It's time to be me, and to be the very best me that i can be.
I'm taking action, putting God in control, and moving forward.  I will follow Him, and He will guide me the entire way.

Will you join me?

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  1. I am certainly no expert, but I have a few years on you. I've been there and done that and found it exhausting! Where I am today is in a nice place of knowing success doesn't always "look" the way we think it should, but if it gets us to our goal-relationship with God, hubby, kids, family, etc..then we accept whatever package it gets there in. I'm done beating myself up over my size. I just want to be healthy and content to enjoy my life. Being sick has taught me that life is lived from the inside, not our outsides. Blessings to you!