Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Real Life || Transformation Spotlight : Amanda


What is your name?  Amanda

How many inches/pounds have you lost? And in what length of time? 4lbs and just shy of 8 inches in 4 weeks

What program(s) helped you lose the weight? 21 Day Fix & Shakeology

How did your eating habits change? Cleaning eating and replacing a meal with shakeology!

Did you have support from family & friends? I had support from my new friends I just made through this challenge group, outside not really!

What was one major weakness that you overcame? Getting out of bed to exercise...made it part of my routine and now it's easier!

What was the main thing that kept you motivated & kept you going? I want to be happy and comfortable in my body! Have a trip planned in October and I want to be able to wear anything and not look pregnant!

What changes do you love most about your new body/life? I love how good I feel! I have more energy and am starting to see big changes!

What was your reward for your weight loss? New clothes of course!! I love love to shop :)

Did you find the challenge group helpful? Yes very!!! I loved that we all had similar goals and were there to help and encourage others! I also liked that it was people outside of what I already know! Sometimes our closet family and friends aren't very supportive of what your doing.

What is next for you? Next onto piyo :) I'm not stopping here!!

~Amanda, I am SO proud of you and am inspired by your dedication and commitment over the past four weeks! You look amazing!!! Keep it up, girl!

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